Achieving Consensus in mountain safety related topics is a major challenge and the often applied expert consensus approach does not lead to success. Within, solutions, techniques, systems and methods are tested and compared as much as possible based on quantitative field testing and statistical data. This approach has excluded much of the subjectivity of expert consensus and at the same time has motivated workgroup member to focus on a common goal. Au such develops and operates in the public interest an international knowledgebase containing best practice in mountain safety. This includes accident prevention, rescue and all related aspects, to safe activities, travel, and practices in mountainous terrain.

While promoting standardization between user groups and application cases, respects cultural diversity and does not seek to establish formal regulations in mountain safety.

The content of the knowledgebase includes and cites existing knowhow while further developing techniques, methods and systems based on scientific evidence.

The wide dissemination, efficient teaching and proper application of the content of the knowledgebase is supported by providing it in as many languages as possible and establishing international "train the trainer" programs. acts as a combination of a Collective Management Organization (CMO) as outlined by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and a "Best Practice" consensus organization. Bridging the benefit of institutional protection for the author's Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with the requirement for rigid review and best practice consensus brings the interest of authors and users of mountain safety information to a common denominator. ensures sustainability, quality of the contents as well as future research and development by remunerating work and use of intellectual property in an extent that is feasible for the overall mission of and adequate for its contributors

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