Our satisfaction with our accomplishments partly depends on how well others perform. In this study, we ask if social comparison increases risk-taking behavior in avalanche terrain. We asked 647 American backcountry riders how their satisfaction with a riding weekend would be affected by other riders’ terrain choices, and what type of terrain they would be willing to ride. About a third of our participants state that they would experience a reduction (increase) in satisfaction if other riders rode more (less) challenging terrain. These riders were more likely to say that they would be willing to ride down potentially risky terrain.

Om opphavsfolk/foredragsholder(e)

Andrea Mannberg: Førsteamanuensis (associate professor) i samfunnsøkonomi ved Handelshøgskolen og CARE, UiT - Norges arktiske universitet.

Jordy Hendrikx - Associate professor and director of Snow and Avalanche Lab, Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University

Jerry D Johnson - Professor, Department of Political Science and Snow and Avalanche lab, MSU.