Please note: The deadline for submitting contributions passed on the 1st of September. We have received a lot of positive and engaging proposals and will contact all contributors to give a response. Thank you!

If you have any questions about proposals or presentations at the conference, please E-mail us.

The bi-annual nordic conference of outdoor activity and avalanche safety is held in Voss, Norway from the 1st to the 3rd of November. We are happy to announce this call for papers and wish to hear from professionals, practicitioners, students and affiliates working with avalanche security.

Proposals for presentations and similar sessions will be considered for inclusion in the program if you can send them to us before September 1st, 2019. Conference attendees are not required to present. If you are presenting, we will in most cases not be able to cover your participation fee.

About skredkonferansen

The purpose of skredkonferansen is to bring together professionals, researchers, students, practicitioners and enthusiast from far-ranging fields to present and discuss the present and future of avalanche safety. We welcome contributions on avalanche safety from all interested parties and wish to include both amateurs and professionals.

The theme for this year’s conference is Culture – what do we breed and encourage in our everyday outdoor work and life? What sort of touring, working, skiing or travel culture do we have, and what do we want to strive for? Are we satisfied with what we know today and how that knowledge is spread, or can we do better? A culture of safety and humility in exposed terrain is not necessarily a given and is becoming increasingly important to instill in new-comers to ski touring, snowmobile users and the like.

Furthermore, the culture of avalanche safety is not only about the people in the mountain, it also concerns the developers of informational material and safety bulletins. Safety gear manufacturorers and innovaters are obviously also part in this, working in tandem to educate users as well as developing better solutions. The avalanche problem is often easily ignored or de-emphasized, whose responsibility is it to put together our collective avalanche culture?

We wish to have a broad theme this year and welcome papers on all avalanche-related topics. All content in the programme is decided by the programme comittée.


  • Papers, Symposia, Posters, and Round-Table Proposals: September 1st, 2019

  • Notification of Acceptance: before September 15th 2019


Please note that we must be able to edit the document to create the conference program (MS Word format).

All proposals must include:

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  • Affiliation

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  • Title and Abstract

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Biographical information and the abstract provided will be published in the conference program unless requested otherwise.

Please contact us at if you have any questions before submitting. For immediate questions, call 0047 97 65 40 25.


We allow presentations in both english and norwegian / swedish / danish - abstracts can be written and submitted in either of these languages

Conference fees:

The committée

Fri Flyt: Adam Tumidajewicz

NVE: Heidi Bache Stranden

NGI: Henrik Langeland

Norskred: Steinar Hustoft

DNT: Endre Sommersten

Røde Kors: Bjørn Midtskog

Nortind: Leif Inge Magnussen