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Outdoor activities in avalanche prone terrain are quickly increasing, together with a growing interest for snow safety equipment. ARVA products aim to contribute to the safety of people in backcountry terrain.

Product development is mainly driven by the performance and reliability of our products on the field beyond commercial considerations. Customer accountability is equally important. Our training program empowers our clients to make them aware of the risk and gives them tools to stay safe.

Our responsibility as a brand is also to reduce our environmental impact and protect our mountain playground, with strong GHG emission reduction objectives.

Om foredragsholdere / opphavsfolk

How can a commercial brand take responsibility? – ARVA snow safety gear case study Nicolas Navez has been working at ARVA for 12 years and is an expert on avalanche airbags. He has designed and developed the ARVA Reactor Airbag system in 2014.

Through feedback from the terrain and discussions with the different stakeholders, he is continuously improving the product. His goal is not only to set the best standards for ARVA but to create a guideline for all airbags, in order to be as safe as possible.