Optimizing allocation of resources for mitigating natural hazards is an important societal challenge, requiring a risk analysis.

One element in this puzzle is the probability of people inside a building surviving an avalanche impact. To quantify this, we collected and analysed reports on damaged buildings and the fraction of people surviving inside.

To compare events from different building types, we assigned a degree of damage to each building, reflecting the amount of survival space remaining for its inhabitants. We present the wider context of the problem, our methodology and the first results of our analysis

Om foredragsholdere / opphavsfolk

Kate is a geotechnical engineer and researcher in the Natural Hazards division at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute in Oslo, Norway.  She came to Norway 4 years ago from Canada with 5 years of work experience in the geotechnical field and has recently delved into the field of snow avalanche research.