Skredkonferansen are proud to announce our last presentation on the saturday to be an online presentation by Doug Chabot with the title Making tracks and avoiding death.

Well-known mountain guide and raconteur Doug Chabot is looking at the differences of risk (recreation vs living in avalanche terrain) and danger to vastly different populations.

The talk centers on his experiences in Montana, USA and Afghanistan, talking about how we combat deaths through Education, Research and Forecasts in both places using different objectives to reach the same goal of saving lives.

Doug will showcase 1 accident in each country to illustrate the points of these objectives and the inherent problems of each.

Om foredragsholdere / opphavsfolk

Doug Chabot has been director of the Bozeman, Montana based Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center since 2000.

He helped create SnowPilot in 2003 and is currently its operating manager. Doug is also a mountain guide and climber and has been on numerous expeditions to Alaska, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan, resulting in many first ascents and new routes.

Since 2012 Doug has been an avalanche consultant for an organization in Afghanistan that specializes in disaster relief.