To make Regobs more accessible, we have created a client library for the latest version of the Regobs API.

regobslib simplifies the process for any programmer who want to communicate with the Regobs database programmatically using Python and may serve as example code for those who want to interface with the API using other languages.

The library acts as an abstraction layer, letting the programmer interact with native Python representations instead of the web API.

This way, there is no need for developers interacting with the API to think about HTTPS request handling, translating concepts into their internal Regobs IDs, or how to structure the query in the way the API expects it.

Om foredragsholdere / opphavsfolk

Aron Widforss utvecklar geografiska system för att möjliggöra en mer effektiv datainsamling av lavindata. När fjällen ska besökas är det helst i Rohkunborri nasjonalpark i indre Troms.